Xuanmin JIN Photography£º

Born in 1963 in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, Xuanmin JIN started his photography career early in his life and moved to Shanghai to pursue his dream as a professional art photographer in 2004.

His interior design ¡°meet east and west¡± was published in famous magazine in 2005 which wins him the nomination of best office space award in the ¡°Golden Award for The Bund¡±. In the same year, his first personal photography exhibition was successfully held in July in M50 Creative Garden and he became a member of IBBS, the most famous design forum in China. Since then, JIN¡¯s professional photography career has started. New works kept coming out, not only attracted the attention of many buyers and collectors, but also brought him with long-term cooperation with design companies and picture associations.

JIN¡¯s works mainly break into two categories, namely, ¡°Shanghai architecture¡± and ¡°Life in the countryside¡±. The ¡°Shanghai Architecture¡± series not only portrays the beautiful city skyscrapers of modern cosmopolitan, but is also an honest recording of the disappearing life of old shanghai, especially with the astonishing shots of shanghai¡¯s old lane houses (Shikumen) and the distinctive color effects used in documenting the old lifestyle inside shikumen neighborhood. The ¡°life in the countryside¡± series is a vivid capture of the flowing history of China¡¯s rural life. With the nearly melancholy tones, the photographs of Jin convey a strong empathy for the rural life and people living there.


His work series ¡°Shanghai Shikumen¡± was published in September, 2006. In 2007, JIN became the contributing photographer of Shanghai and his studio established cooperation with Mark Peet Visser Gallery (Holland). His second photography gallery was opened in Tianzifang Art Space that year.


JIN was invited to take part in the group exhibition in the Shanghai Gallery of Art-Three on the Bund (one of the most influential gallery in china) on March, 2008. His work has been selected as the relief prototype in the Shanghai Expo 2010 in December 2010.


Through his unique perspective, usage of angles, color and light, as well as structural influence, his masterpieces soon became popular collections in many individuals and art galleries, museums worldwide. He is now an established award-winning artist with exhibitions across the nation. JIN¡¯s works have been collected by many celebrities and politicians today, bringing him with international recognition. The key value in his masterpieces is that they document the real China in great elegance and passion.



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